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Learn about our History

Over 13 years bringing results!


we are Make

Make is a company that was born from the Group A&T communication, with the aim of serving small and medium-sized companies seeking to leverage results with digital marketing, regardless of what they offer (services, products or info-products).

The Company emerged from a work done within the A&T Group that made a school evolve from 3 units to 8 units only with the qualified leads of our team.

Then we understood that we could bring success to all types of businesses, as long as all processes were carried out by a team specialized in bringing quality traffic.

With this purpose, Make was born, as the company that exists to enrich other businesses.

As time went by, some success cases were suddenly appearing, and with this, one of our directors developed his own digital marketing application procedure, to be applied in Google Adwords.

Este procedimento foi apresentado na Unidade Google da Faria Lima (SP). Naquele dia, o Google convidou a Make a tornar-se um parceiro Google, quando em Polo Alto, na Sede da Google Brasil no Vale do Silício, recebemos o prêmio de Google Partner.

And with great partnerships we continue, always offering our best to our customers.

Today, there are already more than R$135 million invested in digital media, and more than 1200 clients who have already passed through Make, numbers of a successful trajectory, which we walked through solely and exclusively to achieve the success of our clients.

Get to know our exclusive method that never fails

1˚ Step

Complete study of your business

We unite our business consultants with our analysts to understand the whole scenario of your market, to create the best strategies and design the best persona for your business.

2˚ Step

Exclusive consultant

Your consultant will present the whole completed strategy from the initial meeting, already with the whole process ready (landing pages and arts), to be approved or revised.

3˚ Step

Strategic approval

With the materials in hand and the entire strategy designed, you and your team will be able to visualize from start to finish everything that has been planned. You can give your opinions, suggestions, and even make changes. Everything will be approved by you before we start promoting your company. This way we believe we will bring out the best in each other. Your advanced knowledge in your own company and our advanced knowledge in advertising and attracting new customers through digital platforms.

4˚ Step

We turn on artificial intelligence

Our capture protocols are automated from our Sales Machine, the name we gave to the Make Algorithm, the artificial intelligence that studies and refines itself according to the digital behavior of your persona. We will insert the strategy into the machine, along with the persona design, so that the algorithm learns how your prospect behaves.

5˚ Step

Exclusive Analyst

When the machine is turned on with your strategy, we deallocate the Consultant to place an exclusive Analyst operating your machine, at this point, the Analyst is responsible for inputting more information and ministering the data for algorithm refinement.

6˚ Step

First leads

With the machine already running, capturing Leads starts almost immediately. Therefore, since the AI needs to be fed with data, the first leads do not come qualified. It's part of the process.

7˚ Step

Artificial intelligence optimization

With the new leads, even unqualified ones, we are able to filter more information to refine the machine, in this process, our algorithm will have more knowledge about the persona and how they behave digitally.

8˚ Step

We get qualified leads

After fine-tuning, we start getting more leads again, only this time, Qualified Leads. The Machine will start delivering warm, qualified leads for you to increase your sales.

9˚ Step

Constant machine feeding

We repeated the optimization process to ultrasegment the leads that will come next.

10˚ Step

We receive ultra qualified leads

Our leads are now ultrasegmented for your commercial to double your sales.

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