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Search engine optimization

Appear first on Google

Google evaluates the Websites indexed on it on more than 250 variables to define its score and rank it against some searches.

When your website is adequate, you have a better chance of appearing in the results for potential customers who are searching for you on Google

But of course, for that, you need planning and strategy, that's why we at Make, first organize the whole house and make your site suitable to Google's 250 variables, to apply a strategy that will make you rank in front of the best searches for your business.


SEO for

We apply We apply so that your products appear organically to your customers when they search. SEO Design for E-commerces focuses on bringing sales results every day without you investing in advertising to do so.

When SEO is well applied to an E-commece, both sales increase and the user experience tends to improve, since our adaptations consist of making your site fast, secure, optimized and smart.


Smart SEO

The SEO Intelligent report is a Make analysis method for your website, E-commerce, or blog in which we evaluate the performance, experience, structure, security, and Google View characteristics of your site.

We deliver to you an extremely detailed report about the status of your company, so you understand where you need to act in order to leverage your organic results.


SEO project

We prepare everything from the beginning to ensure organic and qualified traffic to your website.

The Complete Project SEO involves frequent analysis for result tracking, initial strategic planning and completion goals, site optimization, content strategies and On Page and Off Page applications.


Understand how you can increase your results with SEO

Selling is a challenge when we don't know who we present our product to, just as it is a challenge when the prospect doesn't know who we are. However, when we sell to those we know need our product and already know us, the sale stops being a challenge and is allowed to multiply, and that is the advantage of selling with qualified traffic.

The Qualified Traffic is the visit from people who already know you and want your product in their E-commerce.